Hunting is not a game of today. The Assyrian Empire started it about 4000 years ago. The king could go and kill animals to show their efficacy and mastery as the onlookers cheered them. They could kill even the wildest animal with their bare hands to show how strong they are and why they should be feared. During those early days hunting equipment was more traditional like the use of bows, swords, knives, and crossbow. The old types of equipment were designed to take advantage of the physical weaknesses of animals. Today’s hunting equipment’s are much more sophisticated. Some of them even use the animal’s intelligent to find where they are and their direction.

In this article, I’m just going to list some good equipment for hunting, giving their descriptions and why I prefer them.



Rangefinders are standard equipment’s that all hunters would rather spend all their money to get. Equipped with modern technology, they are now much faster than before and cover a longer distance. They are easy and faster to use. Its accuracy in distance estimation makes hunters make the right judgment and the exact movements during the game. It narrows the shooting angle hence reducing the probability of having a miss after another while shooting. They come in two types, the laser, and the ultrasonic range finders. Ultrasonic has more benefits than the laser one. Rangefinders are many and the right choice is made based on the comparison given by each on what they offer best, though I found very good comparison of rangefinders on this site theoutdoorfreak.com. Rangefinders help you get closer to your target by removing all your guesswork’s and improve your estimation skills.



Though many big game hunters ignore the importance of this tool, it is very helpful in passing through terrain or thick forests. What if you were doing group gaming and you get lost? GPS enables you to communicate and trace the movement of your game partners. It also gives you the direction of the wind and other weather elements like rainfall to determine weather-friendly areas for hunting. There are varieties in the market including the popular Garmin products.



Its technology has been there for a while now but has been upgraded over the years. It uses a process with highly susceptible signals to sense very small images from a distance at night. It is mostly recommended for night hunting games. The signals are then displayed on an LCD screen where you can view and monitor the movements of your targets before launching any attack on them. It also has an inbuilt quality video recorder with unlimited storage space for the recorded videos. So you can keep a record of your games while hunting.

More: nightvisionguys.com


4. RUGER 10/22 RIFLE

Hunting game is all about having an edge over your opponents and this is all based on the kind of “machines” you apply. There are several hunting rifles out there but we have chosen this one because it stands out as the best among the rest.

This rifle doesn’t cost you much and uses readily available ammunitions in the world. It is very easy to operate and is the most popular gun in the market for mid –size games. With one, just one accurate shot no target can evade your trap.



When it comes to hunting gears, a lot of Blah-blah arises on which is the best gear to put on. For safety on the ground, I find the descriptions and reviews on this equipment very valuable. They are a very tough waterproof Italian shoe that gives maximum protection to your feet and gives you stability when chasing your target on foot. It is inches high from the ground, giving you the much-needed height.




“ The best hunting equipment makes me the best hunter” a famous quote by Jack The Bullet. You can not be the best in the game when you do not have the required hunting tools. It is what makes the difference between you and other hunters and the masterpiece that bridges the gap between you and your target.


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