Public Hunting and Fishing at McClintic WMA in West Virginia

Hunting and Fishing in the Home Area of the Mothman

McClintic WMA near Point Pleasant, West Virginia, may be famous for the sightings of the Mothman in the late 1960s, but it’s also a great place to hunt and fish. The area locally is known as the TNT area after the WWII era TNT factory that once operated on the premises. The TNT / McClintic WMA was home to many of the Mothman sightings, the nearby town of Point Pleasant holds an interesting museum and statue of the creature. McClintic today is dotted with ponds and an endless system of roads that facilitates both hunters and fisherman.

Rezultat iskanja slik za McClintic WMA in West Virginia

McClintic WMA is home to over 30 ponds, most of which are open to fishing. The ponds vary in size and seclusion. Most of the ponds at McClintic are easily accessible from the roads in the area while some others require a bit of walking to reach them. The area that the ponds occupy is fairly flat so there is no great difficulty in reaching the ponds by foot. During my visit to the area the ponds were generally covered with a thick layer of algae. Fishing with a jig it was possible to cast through the algae and literally work the jig up and down through the hole much like ice fishing. Some of the larger ponds were more open but many areas of these also were coated with algae. Fishing a weedless rigged plastic worm on the surface seemed to entice the fish underneath to bite. During my visit the only fish caught were bluegill and small largemouth bass. Some ponds at McClintic WMA are stocked with northern pike. Check with the onsite manager for more information and maps of the area.

Rezultat iskanja slik za McClintic WMA in West Virginia

McClintic WMA offers over 3500 acres of Mason County land to hunt. McClintic’s wide range of habitat makes it a great place to hunt for a variety of game. Outlying areas of the WMA offer stands of forest and the central area around the ponds provides a variety of forested strips, overgrown fields, and abundant brush along old roads and fence lines. While I have not hunted personally in McClintic I would recommend walking the roads (most of which are closed to traffic) along the edges of the ponds to jump up rabbits and the forested areas near the ponds for deer. During times of high hunting pressure for deer the areas around the ponds may be overlooked by most hunters and provide a refuge for deer in the thick brush. A hunter taking a good stand where he could watch in several different directions may just find a buck slipping into the brush. At the current time there is restrictions on the size of bucks that can be taken at McClintic. For up to date information on this please contact the WV DNR at or 304-558-2758. No, there is no open season on the Mothman, so if you see him, don’t take a pop at the old boy. A picture would make you famous and perhaps rich however!

McClintic Wildlife Management Area is located about 5 miles north of Point Pleasant, WV, off of Route 62. Take 62 north from town and follow the signs. Maps of the WMA are available from